This “Game of Thrones” character is back and we have feels


With Game of Thrones, you’re still alive unless we see you die. And even if we see you die, there’s like a 98% chance you’re not really dead, or might simply come back from the dead. There have been a surprising amount of deaths, and resurrections, over the past few years, and Sunday’s episode, “The Broken Man” gave us another one. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Two seasons ago — Season 4, Episode 10 to be exact — it was HEAVILY IMPLIED that Arya had left The Hound for dead. He had gotten into a scuffle with Brienne, Briennie won (duh), and his wounds were just too grave. The Hound begged Arya to finish him off, and she said, “PASS,” because Arya always has been, and always will be, a badass. Arya left him to bleed out, and all along we’ve assumed that’s what happened.

Turns out, The Hound’s not dead (!!!). As we learned during “The Broken Man,” a septon by the name of Brother Ray (one-off guest star Ian McShane) found The Hound and nursed him back to health. Since then, The Hound has been hanging out with Brother Ray and when we meet up with them they’re in the process of building a sept.

And then The Hound’s new group of buddies is all brutally murdered by The Brothers Without Banners, and The Hound — who had just previously made statements about turning away from violence — is like “OH HELL NO.”

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The episode ends with The Hound picking up an axe, seemingly heading off to avenge the death of his group. As one might say, we are “here for this.”

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