This spoiler-filled ‘Game of Thrones’ supercut basically a popular fan theory

Warning: Lots and lots of Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you’re not caught up. 

Is Jon Snow alive? Is he dead? Yes, that might be the Big Jon Snow Thing right now, but it’s not the only Jon Snow mystery out there. Along with the fact that he could be alive or could be very dead, we still don’t know his true parentage.

With that being said, it’s possible Game of Thrones has been dropping little hints here and there about the identity of Jon’s mom and dad, and we’ve been too busy freaking out over if he’s alive or dead to see them. Now, thanks to a new video supercut, it appears as if the answer might have been right under our noses this whole time. Time to freak out over this.

Let’s forget Jon’s current state of life/death for a second and circle back to just WHO his parents might be. If you’re up to date with your Snow family history, you know that many years ago, Ned Stark returned to Winterfell with a surprise son, Jon. He claimed that Jon was his, but it’s never been truly confirmed.

Why wouldn’t Jon be Ned’s? He explained he was the father, but there’s a very popular theory out there that Jon is actually Ned’s nephew. This theory is called R+L=J, and suggests that Ned’s sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen are actually Jon’s parents, and Ned claimed Jon as his own in order to keep him safe. Because if Jon were the son of Rhargar, that means he has Targaryen blood, and just might be the one to lay claim to the Iron Throne. Which is why on her death bed (after giving birth to Jon) Lyanna had Ned take him far, far away to the North.

OK, knowing that, now let’s actually try to make sense of this. Could it be true? Don’t bother trying to re-binge all prior five seasons of Game of Thrones for evidence, because with this new supercut, everything has been clearly laid out for us. YouTube user Robbie McD has collected these references, both bold and subtle, and the R+L=J theory is laid out for us in a short eight-minute video. The video’s conclusion? Yeah, it appears as if the show has been quietly adding flame to this (dragon) fire for Jon all along.

Check out the video below, and know there are spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up. But for those of us who are caught up, there’s still a ton of information we’ve only just begun to make sense of. Is it time for Season 6 yet?

(Image via HBO.)

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