This former “Game of Thrones” star took to Instagram to give Dany a well-deserved yass queen

[Warning, some Game of Thrones spoilers below.]

Khal Drogo may be dead on Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clarke is still the moon of actor Jason Momoa’s life.

If you watched the season six premiere, you know that Dany has been taken prisoner by a band of Dothraki who had no idea when they picked her up that she was a Khaleesi, the former wife to a Khal. While they are talking about doing horrible things in front of her, thinking she can’t understand them, Dany surprises them all by speaking fluent Dothraki and putting them in their place, in her inimitable, badass Mother of Dragons way. When they talk about sexually assaulting her, she says, “I will not lie with you, and I will bear no children, for you or anyone else.”

While we were all cheering her on, it seems like Jason, who played Khal Drogo in the first season before his character’s untimely death, had the same idea. He gave his former on-screen wife a shoutout on Instagram, and it might be the cutest thing in all of Game of Thrones history.

“That’s right, baby, you tell him,” Jason adorably captions one of the photos. Ugh, why did his character have to die?! But, then again, that’s a question we find ourselves asking a lot when it comes to Game of Thrones.

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