Whoa, you could go to jail for revealing “Game of Thrones” spoilers

Know how you freak out about seeing Game of Thrones spoilers? You’re not alone. HBO is majorly freaking out about them, too.

Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, the biggest show in the WORLD right now. HBO knows that, and they know that half the fun of watching the show is the sheer thrill of wondering/thinking/speculating what might happen next — and then actually seeing it happen. For this current season, Season 6, they’ve started cracking down on rogue spoilers, and have even gone so far as to not release early copies for review to the press. That means everyone, everywhere, watches Game of Thrones at the same time each Sunday night.

And if you don’t watch it Sunday nights at the East Coast time of 6pm, well…be careful.

Now, HBO is taking their fear of spoilers a step further. If you are in the GoT know, and reveal a huge spoiler, you could be facing legal action. For real.

There’s a YouTube user by the name of Frikidoctor, who has been posting “prediction” videos from Spain. The only thing is that his predictions are actually REAL things that end up happening on the show. Frikidoctor has a Game of Thrones “source,” which sounds like the coolest and also sketchiest thing ever. As he explains on Reddit: ” I never know when I will receive [spoilers]. I just find it in my email when the source [sic] is are able or wants to send it, so I´m as nervous as everyone else, and checking my email several times per day.” 

You guys. There’s a Game of Thrones spoiler mole out there.


Frikidoctor records these spoiler videos on YouTube, they’re translated from his native Spanish to English, and then posted in Reddit threads. As you can imagine, HBO is not happy. At first, they just had Frikidoctor’s videos removed from YouTube claiming “copyright infringement,” but YouTube later restored them, since technically Frikidoctor isn’t really wandering into copyright territory. The spoiler mole is really the one who should be in trouble, since they’re breaking confidential non-disclosure agreements to reveal this GoT information. That’s something that warrants legal action.


Right now, the GoT spoiler threat level has been lowered to what HBO is considering to be “theft.” In a statement to Heat Street, an HBO spokesperson commented, “HBO aggressively protects its programming, but we find it counterproductive to publicly discuss specific anti-theft tactics.”

Frikidoctor himself is NOT happy with how HBO, and YouTube, have handled this situation. Talking to The Verge, he lamented, “It is forbidden to talk about what will happen in a show even if you are right? Can they claim copyright infringement for a video with just spoken word about a topic?”

If you’re HBO and have some dragons on your side, yeah. HBO could conceivable prosecute the spoiler mole for breaking their NDA, and THEN charge Frikidoctor with theft! CRAZY, RIGHT?

Be GoT spoiler safe out there, friends. HBO always pays their debts.

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