Three songs from the “Game of Thrones” finale have been released, and they are hella intense

At this point, we are willing to go to whatever length for even the TINEST clue as to what’s going to happen during the Game of Thrones Season 6 season finale. Titled, “The Winds of Winter,” a storm is brewing in King’s Landing, as Cersei gets ready to go on trial, and it’s just a regular trial, since trial by combat has been outlawed.

Elsewhere, Jaime is gearing up for a meeting with Walder Frey, Dany is still holed up in Meereen with Tyrion and Company, Arya is on her way back to Westeros, Bran is still beyond the Wall, Sansa is celebrating the demise of Ramsay, Jon is celebrating reclaiming Winterfell, and that’s still only like HALF OF WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON THIS SEASON.


While we anxiously wait for it all to come to an end, we don’t have to wait to hear it. The soundtrack for Season 6 has been released on Pandora (officially out on June 24th), and it’s full of big, sweeping epic scores from our favorite episodes. It’s also got three songs from the finale, and OMG.

The three songs are titled: “Winter Has Come,” “Hear Me Roar,” and “The Winds of Winter.” 

Well, spoiler guys, because Winter finally arrives, and it sounds (pun intended) like it’s gonna be windy. But for the last six seasons, we’ve known that Winter was coming. Now it’s just finally here. How it arrives is still up in the air…might Bran accidentally bring it back over the Wall, along with a bunch of white walkers?

The latter of these two songs is hella intense. It’s got a choir singing in the background some mega intense (and impossible to understand) lyrics that will make you stand up, and march into battle somewhere. It’s probably the song that’s going to close out the season and run over the end credits, and oh man, start preparing for that.


Hear Me Roar,” is very intriguing, because at first glance, it is probably about dragons roaring, right? However, knowing where all the lady characters are right now — Dany, Yara, Arya, Sansa, heck even Brienne and lil’ Lyanna — ANY ONE OF THEM could be roaring like Katy Perry right now. Whoever it is, they’re clearly gonna stand up and demand that people listen to them, and we love it.

If you wanna check out the whole soundtrack, it’s available on Pandora Premieres right now. You can listen to the full tracks, but only for a short time before you need to log in with your Pandora account. Are you ready to fall into a sound-induced Game of Thrones puddle of emotions? Listen away here.

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