This guy walked 20 miles to create incredible “Game of Thrones” snow art

You may think you’re the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, but Simon Beck is an *actual* White Walker. . . because he trudged 20 miles in the snow to make some seriously rad Game of Thrones snow art. Yeah, you read that right: 20 miles.

Beck, who’s well-known for his snow art, spent a whopping 13 hours walking through frigid snow in the French Alps to create a stunning portrayal of a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark, along with the house’s catchphrase (and the words Game of Thrones fans have said time and time again): “Winter is coming.” The whole thing required 64,800 steps and is the size of 2.5 football fields. (We told you he’s a White Walker.)

“The first thing you’ve got to work out is which way round you’re going to turn the drawing and where to start it so you don’t run off the edge of it,” Beck said in a YouTube video posted on Monday. “The second stage is measuring a skeleton of accurately plotted lines that go through the drawing, and once you’ve got enough points measured out, you can then do a join-up-the-dots process.”

He continued:

Beck’s Game of Thrones snow art inspiration was his fave character, Jon Snow (who might have been killed off at the end of season five). No matter what happens on the show, Beck is our inspiration for the next big snowstorm.

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