The latest shocking death on “Game of Thrones” just destroyed this theory

Game of Thrones has always been heavy on the fan theories, but it seems like one popular theory just got squashed in the latest episode — Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.” And fair warning, because SPOILERS lie ahead!

The theory involves Dany (Emilia Clarke) and her beloved dragon children (RIP Viserion, we’ll miss you).

Dany’s brother Rhaegar once said “the dragon has three heads,” which many fans took to mean that in order for Dany to take the Iron Throne, THREE characters must ride the THREE dragons.

The first rider would obviously be Dany. And since Jon had the ability to pet Drogon earlier this season (and you know, is part Targaryen), it makes sense that he’d be another rider. But the third? A popular theory was Tyrion. He’s been sticking around, and some think he’s not a Lannister at all.

However, after the most recent death (and resurrection) of Viserion by the Night King, it’s starting to seem like we were all very wrong.

Because, with one dragon out of the picture (or, at least not hanging with Dany anymore), how could THREE characters ride the THREE dragons to help her rule?

So yes, it does seem like this theory is done for (but not forgotten!). But there’s plenty more Game of Thrones theories to pour over. Like, whether Bran is fully in control of his Three-Eyed Raven abilities and whether Ned Stark could actually still be alive (seriously).

Guess we’ll just have to tune into the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale to get some insight into the above.

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