You probably didn’t notice this HUGE clue about what’s going to happen to Ser Jorah

Afterwhat felt like a *thousand* years, Game of Thrones returned on Sunday and it set us up for what may be one of the best seasons yet. If you haven’t had the time to watch “Dragonstone,” do so now because this post contains a lot of spoilers.


During the premiere, most of our favorite characters were preparing for war in one way or another. Cersei was scoping out potential allies, Daenerys was arriving at Dragonstone, and Jon was at Winterfell, preparing for war with White Walkers (and probably Cersei, TBH).

In the midst of the war prep, two characters — Samwell Tarly and Ser Jorah Mormont — met for the first time in the Citadel in Oldtown where Sam is studying to become a maester and Jorah is locked in a Citadel sick bay with his rapidly progressing Greyscale.

We last saw Jorah in the Dothraki Sea, so what is he doing in a Citadel quarantine chamber? Well, after being banished by Dany and contracting the deadly disease, Jorah the Andal was sent on a mission by the Mother of Dragons to find himself a cure, which likely brought him to Oldtown in the hopes that the maesters would be able to find an antidote.

Based on the solo appearance by Jorah’s arm, it’s safe to say that his mission is not going well:

Now, the two only shared the screen for a few minutes at best, but GoT *loves* nothing more than setting two characters up as unlikely allies, having them team up to solve crimes work toward a common goal. So, we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of Jorah and Sam together.

If the repetition of GoT’s unlikely friendships trope isn’t proof enough — see: Brienne and Jaime, Arya and The Hound, Bronn and Tyrion, Brienne and Pod, etc. — it seems there was a hidden detail in “Dragonstone” that hinted that Sam might be the one to help Jorah with his Greyscale issue.

In the Citadel, Sam is growing mighty discouraged that the maesters’ approach to training is akin to “wax on, wax off,” in that he’s mostly a glorified custodian and is not learning everything he needs to know to beat the White Walkers. But toward the end of “Dragonstone” we have a breakthrough, as Sam stumbles across a map of Dragonstone in his dragonglass research. (You’ll recall, Sam killed a White Walker with dragonglass in Season 3 — and he knows Jon needs more.)

A clever Reddit user, Beastmodekait, got a closer look at Sam’s text, which indicates that dragonglass *may* have healing capabilities.

That is, in addition to stopping Uncle Benjen from turning into one of the White Walkers’ wights.


While only half the text appears onscreen, some key phrases jump out at us: “dragonglass as a cure for…” and “can’t discount the harm to the gullible…” While Sam’s more focused on telling Jon about the mountain of dragonglass under Dragonstone, it’s a textbook Game of Thrones move to have info like this hiding in plain sight. Plus, just moments after, Jorah and Sam meet for the first time.

So, could this be the start of Game of Thrones’ next great duo? They’ve both been incredible sidekicks to others, so maybe it’s time they team up and form an alliance to battle the White Walkers. Well, if Sam *can* actually cure Jorah of his pesky Greyscale.

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