The first three episode titles and descriptions for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 are here, and our hearts already hurt

After an impossibly long wait, Game of Thrones returns to television in a mere nine days. We’ve finally hit single-digits with the countdown, and it’s about damn time. Ahead of Season 7’s July 16th premiere, HBO has released the first three episode titles and descriptions.

Do they offer up anything concrete about the new season? Nope! Are we already nervous? Sure are! Are these titles super cryptic to the point where HBO could have simply said, “And then Season 7 happens?” Hell yes! So grab your favorite stuffed direwolf to cuddle, because here’s what we can expect from the new episodes:

Episode 1: “Dragonstone”

Episode 2: “Stormborn”

Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice”

From these limited descriptions — side note: remember the days when Game of Thrones actually used to include, like, long episode descriptions and that was nice? Ah, memories — we can sort of figure out WHERE everyone is. As for what they’re doing, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

The first two episode titles are clearly both about Dany. When we left off with Season 6, she was sailing with her army toward Westeros, but from the pictures we’ve seen of this season it’s clear she takes a detour to none other than Dragonstone, the ancestral home of the Targaryens. Hey, that’s the first episode title!

As for the second episode, Stormborn refers to Dany’s full name: Daenerys Stormborn. She’s Stormborn, because she was literally born during a storm.

The third episode is where things get interesting. It would be easy to assume that this episode is *also* about Dany, but she’s not the only queen. Cersei is a queen as well, so which one is doling out some justice? (And HOW?)

We’ve got nine days to figure this out before the Great War fun begins again.

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