The trailer for next week’s “Game of Thrones” teases that we’re finally getting *THAT* epic meeting

This goes without saying, but Game of Thrones spoilers lie ahead! Read at your own risk…

We’re two weeks into Season 7 of Game of Thrones and finally, finally we’re going to get the meeting between characters we so desperately need.

That meeting being between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (!!!).

Let’s backtrack a moment: In Episdoe 2, “Stormborn,” Dany meets with Melisandre, who tells the Mother of Dragons, “The Long Night is coming. Only the prince who was promised can bring the dawn.” As Missandei points out, the High Valyrian word for “prince” is actually genderless, so the prophecy could refer to a prince or princess.

Dany asks Melisandre if she thinks the prophecy refers to her, and Melisandre responds by saying that prophecies are dangerous, but she believes Dany has a role in all this — as does Jon. She tells Dany to summon Jon, and that’s exactly what Dany does.

Jon faces some resistance from the Northerners, but eventually, he heads to Dragonstone with Davos. You know, because Dragonstone has a wellspring of dragonglass, which can be used to defeat the Night King and his army. Not to mention, Dany would make a powerful ally.

That brings us to the preview for Episode 3, “The Queen’s Justice,” which shows Jon arriving to Dragonstone to meet with Dany.

Honestly, it’s about damn time! And considering how Yara, Theon, and their fleet were attacked by Euron — putting a serious wrench in Dany’s plan to dethrone Cersei — Dany could really use the North on her side right now.

Also in the preview, Cersei says, “The war’s already begun. I’ve drawn first blood,” and Euron seems to be back in King’s Landing, being heralded as a hero. Plus, Tyrion says, “Cersei will be ready. They know we’re coming,” so seems pretty safe to assume that a retaliation is underway.

Um, can Sunday get here sooner please?!

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