Read about how “Game of Thrones” shot Dany and Jon’s sex scene, and feel awkward about it for a few minutes

It’s been a full day, so it’s no longer a spoiler to say that Dany and Jon have sex during the season finale of Game of Thrones. This is literally all anyone has talked about for a full day, myself included, and I think the whole world knows that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen did it on the S.S. #SexBoat. This is the world we live in now.

Eventually, someone will get around to telling them they’re related — aunt and nephew, in case you’ve forgotten — but for now, let’s just focus on their beautiful moment together, and exactly how it played out on the set of Game of Thrones.

"With Jon and Dany’s scene, the important thing for me was that it wouldn’t be prurient in any way, that there’s a very strong undercurrent in that scene, Jeremy Podeswa explained to IndieWire. "It was shot very, very simply."

Their lovemaking was also super simple, and that was the point.

"It’s basically just one steady push in shot to Jon and Dany and then that very important look between them at mid-level. And then a one-shot looking at Jon, then looking down at Dany. It wasn’t about shooting a big lovemaking scene. Once they’re making love, that’s the story. There’s no reason to kind of linger on that."

(Whispers: Except that we want to linger on it. Pretend I put a .gif of Jon Snow’s butt right here, but I’m not going to, because I haven’t figure out if that’s kosher or not to share.)

While the scene might not have been as hot and steamy as we were hoping, there was a lot of sexual tension there just from them and their longing looks, and that was what Podeswa was going for.

"The real story within the story, was actually what was going on with their eyes and what’s happening — there’s an understanding between them that even though they know in some part of them that they shouldn’t really be doing this, they cannot not do it," he continued. "There’s some element of destiny that’s brought them together, and they can’t fight it.

Wow, I can’t fight this ‘ship either, so I glad I’m not alone! Did you ever think you’d find yourself rooting for an aunt and nephew to make it work? Yeah, same! You can read the whole IndieWire interview  — including some talk about Rhaegar and Lyanna — right here.

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