There’s a “Game of Thrones” scavenger hunt, and it sounds as impossible as claiming the Iron Throne

If you’re looking to play the great game yourself, now’s your chance. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, HBO is hosting a giant, epic, and quite expansive Game of Thrones scavenger hunt all over the convention center and downtown San Diego area. Sounds like fun yeah? It also sounds as challenging as like, trying to tame three dragons.

Or fighting The Mountain.

Or simply living in King’s Landing for an extended period of time. Read: it sounds hella hard. 

Need to know more?

Like any scavenger hunt, for this Game of Thrones inspired one you’re going to have to run around frantically taking pictures. They’re all Game of Thrones inspired pictures, of course, like finding the jewelry that Dany wears (you know, that amazing dragon necklace) and posing with it, to then taking a picture of yourself wearing ~The Royal Crown of King Robert Baratheon~. Also, someone’s gotta put on The Night King Mask, a challenge not to be taken lightly.

You’re then supposed to upload these pictures to Twitter with the hashtag, #GoTScavengerHunt, and make your way over to the  USAopoly’s Clue: Game of Thrones (Booth #1017) on Sunday between 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to enter in your name, and possibly win a GAME OF THRONES PRIZE PACK. Which includes THE IRON THRONE!!

Okay, not really. It’s a scaled down model of the Iron Throne, but hey, you take what you can get. The whole package is valued at about $200, and that’s a pretty hefty prize pack. The rules and how-to-play are listed below for anyone who is raring to go with this. And remember when you play the Game of Thrones scavenger hunt, you either win or you die. JK JK JK you win or you just have a lot of fun doing it.


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