‘Game Of Thrones’ Running Routes And 10 Other TV Inspired Workouts

We all need ways to kill time until the next season of Game Of Thrones happens, and for some people, this has taken the form of going on runs that form the shape of various house crests and tracking their runs so they can get a cool looking map of their run to post online.  You can check out other runs here; people are willing to run impressive distances so they can have a map with a dire wolf head on it.

If that’s not a literal enough workout for you, why not channel your inner Arya Stark by taking fencing lessons?  Sure, you’ll probably never need to use your fencing skills, but you’ll probably get in a great workout and meet new people.  (Check out USA Fencing’s website for more info here.)

If Game Of Thrones isn’t your style, not to worry; there are workouts to suit every kind of TV fan.

If you loved The OC try yogalates.  When I first watched the show, I definitely thought this was a made-up workout (it’s just so fun to say!), but this yoga-pilates fusion is actually a real class, and a great way to strengthen your core.  You’ll get to stretch and relax; you probably won’t meet Kirsten Cohen.

If you love Revenge try martial arts.  To be honest, I only watched about half of the most recent season, but from what I can recall about season one, a lot of Emily’s badass-ness had to do with her martial arts training.  While I don’t possess the required coordination, my most badass friend takes Muay Thai, so I imagine it’s quite good.  My second and third most badass friends did Taekwondo and Judo, respectively.  If none of those are your cup of tea, you have many, many other options.

If you love Pretty Little Liars try a zombie run.  It’s hard work, constantly being on the lookout for your stalker who may or may not be your dead best friend.  While we don’t all have A to chase us around, you can face creepy obstacles and be chased by the undead at a zombie run.

If you love Dance Moms try a barre class.  Love watching Abby Lee torture her students, but would rather pass on glittery costumes?  Throw on your yoga pants and head to a barre class, where you’ll be in a room that resembles a dance studio and doing plies til you feel like your legs might fall off (in a good way, I promise).

If you love weight loss shows… try a boot camp.  I’m not usually a fan of reality TV of any sort, but I’m secretly kind of into Extreme Weight Loss.  While we can’t all afford a personal trainer or the time to spend four hours a day exercising, but you can get a taste of what these people go through by checking out a boot camp class.  (You should be able to do this for cheap; I’m pretty sure every email I get from Living Social has some kind of boot camp deal in it.)  If you’re feeling really hardcore, try a military inspired one (and let me know how it is; I’m too terrified to try).

Maybe you’re not an organized workout class kind of person.  Not to worry, you can still live the TV workout of your dreams!

If you loved West Wing:..  make sure to never have very much time to work out, and don’t ever eat salad.  On the rare occasions you do go to the gym, you must either bring your cell phone and be on a work call the whole time, or talk incessantly to everyone around you.

If you love Scandal… do as Olivia Pope would do, and only exercise while wearing white or cream colored clothing.  Bonus points if you spend your entire workout actively trying not to think about your married ex-boyfriend.

If you loved 30 Rock… buy a treadmill, but only ever use it while eating or drinking wine; the rest of the time it will be a clothes rack.  You may also purchase exercise DVDs, which you will watch while wearing a hoodie or slanket and eating night cheese.

If you love Parks and Rec:..  go camping.  If this were about doing TV things that are awesome, I would obviously tell you to replicate Leslie’s Pawnee Goddess retreat in its entirety.  However, this is a post about workouts, so you’ll be replicating Ron’s Pawnee Ranger camping trip instead.  This means lots of hiking, lugging heavy backpacks, building your own shelter, and eating only what you hunt for.

If you loved The Office…  organize a charity 5K.  Make sure it’s to raise awareness about a disease that hasn’t been a problem for the human population in quite some time, but affects a few people every year; I recommend the Black Plague.

Happy exercising!  What crazy (or not so crazy) workouts has TV inspired you to try?

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