Just a glorious ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion that’s making our hearts burst

Way before Westeros weddings had color associations, things were much simpler on Game of Thrones. Think back to a time (a season 1 time), BEFORE there were dragons, when a queen loved a strong and powerful king. I’m talking of course about Daenerys and Drogo, who did not hit it off right away, but soon grew to care for each other deeply. Well many moons later and the two still care a lot about each other, as Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa showed us on their Instagrams. The two happened to meet up at Paris Fashion Week, and the photos they posted are literally our sun and stars.

When Drogo died (and if that is a spoiler, you are SO FAR BEHIND), Dany was devastated, we were devastated, and his death is the reason Dany even walked into the flames, hatched some dragons, and became the Mother of Dragons. Everything happens in Westeros for a reason! But unlike Jon Snow, there were never any great rumors about his maaaaaybe resurrection, and Dany had to carry on without him.

Back in 2013, Momoa actually crashed the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel and swooped in for a kiss from Clarke, but even that was now two years ago.

Well how about two days ago, when two got together in Paris, and snapped the cutest pictures ever. From Clarke’s hashtags, it’s also clear that Dothraki love never dies.

Momoa won the caption game though, writing: “Really sorry I trusted u Thanks for killing me. I’d do it again though.” If you need a refresher, it was Dany who killed Drogo, but only because he was cursed with blood magic and she wanted to end his suffering!

Even knowing she smothered him with a pillow, this reunion is still exactly what we wanted to see this Monday morning. Oh, GoT love.

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