Euron’s “gift” to Cersei might mean the return of a long-lost, beloved “Game of Thrones” character

Sunday night, the premiere of Game of Thrones had two major characters meet for the first time on-screen. If you haven’t seen the premiere episode yet, beware, because major Season 7 spoilers lie ahead.

Queen of the seven three or four kingdoms — at best — Cersei Lannister came face-to-face with a much needed potential ally in Euron Greyjoy. Much to Jaime’s chagrin, Cersei and the leather-jacketed Euron met, discussed their traitorous relatives, and the Iron Islands pirate even proposed marriage to the Queen. Cersei may have declined Euron’s proposal, but he’s promised to return with a “gift” in the form of something she needs, to prove she really is the one he champions.

According to a theory roaming the internet, that gift may very well be the only known living bastard of Robert Baratheon: Gendry.

For Euron’s gift to be truly worthwhile, it would have to be something Cersei either desperately needs (like an unbeatable army), the head of her little brother Tyrion, or the person who *may* have a more legitimate claim to the throne. This theory is compelling for a few reasons, most notably because it’s been all but 100 percent confirmed that Gendry would be returning to the series. Months after Joe Dempsie, who plays the long lost friend of Arya, was spotted in Belfast — where GoT production is based — he made an appearance at the world premiere in Los Angeles for the first time since Season 3. So, it’s less of an “if” and more of a “when” will Gendry row back onto our screens.

Gendry was last seen rowing away from Dragonstone, having been rescued from certain death at the hands of his uncle Stannis and Mellisandre by Ser Davos:

Way back in Season 1, Ned Stark — investigating the death of Jon Arryn — stumbled across blacksmith apprentice Gendry and quickly deduced that he was a bastard of King Robert Baratheon. After Robert’s death, Gendry’s employer, who knew he was one of the king’s bastards and wanted to save him from an impending death, fires him, leaving the teenaged bastard with few remaining options.

Gendry (along with Arya) leaves King’s Landing with the intention of joining the Night’s Watch, where bastards are welcomed. Before he can do that, he stumbles into the Brotherhood Without Banners and decides to join, until they sell him out to Stannis, who is also trying to take the throne and views Robert’s bastards as threats. Around this time, Cersei has all of Robert’s bastards killed,  ensuring that her children with Jamie — who were being passed off as Baratheons — would have a claim to the throne. Got all of that?

All of this means that Gendry is, as far as we know, the only living bastard of Robert Baratheon.

Even more so, he seems to be the only living person with Baratheon blood left at all — even if he hadn’t quite come to terms with it when we last saw him.

Personally, I like the idea of Gendry, a talented blacksmith, reuniting with his long-lost friend Arya and allying with the Starks — while rebuilding House Baratheon from the ground up. But, I’m no stranger to GoT so I know how wishful thinking tends to go on this show, and it would make a very compelling story if Euron returns with the forgotten bastard of House Baratheon.

There are a million ways Gendry could row onto our screens, but let’s hope for his sake he doesn’t row into the Greyjoy fleet.

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