I still have one big, burning question about Ramsay Bolton, and I’m going to need “Game of Thrones” to answer it ASAP

Yes, I am well aware that Ramsay Bolton is long gone, after being eaten by dogs at the end of Season 6. And yes, I know that Game of Thrones is running at a breakneck speed right now to cram in many different things, from dragons, to greyscale, to #Jonerys. I completely understand that the HBO series has moved past dead characters, but I’m going to need them to back up for one hot sec, because I have a question about Ramsay.

It is a big one, and after hearing it, you will agree that someone needs to address this immediately:

Where are Ramsay Bolton’s dogs?


During his reign of terror, Ramsay took over Winterfell. Ramsay had dogs, and we know this because the dogs ate him (gross, I know). Now, we are currently still at Winterfell, but we haven’t seen these dogs. I’m going to need someone to reassure me that these dogs are a-okay, wherever they are.

And yeah, they were vicious, bloodthirsty dogs, but I bet they’re still good dogs. They took down Ramsay, after all.


Even though a large chunk of our main characters are at Winterfell, it feels like we have spent no time in the North. Sansa has wandered around the grounds, Bran’s at that tree, and Arya has ventured into the crypts. But…we haven’t seen much of anything else. Last we saw these dogs, they were in the dungeon jail-cell, where Jon stashed Ramsay. Last we actually saw the dogs, they were devouring Ramsay and we were like “YAS, YOU GO, DOGS.”

But since then, nothing. If I were alone at Winterfell, and Littlefinger was following me around, being creepy AF, I would constantly have one of these dogs by my side. Just saying.

As a big dog supporter, I guess I just need to know that wherever they are, these dogs are okay, and they’re being fed and properly taken care of. It’s fine if they’re still in the dungeon — since they were vicious – but are they at least being let outside to play in the snow for a few hours every day? Is someone looking out for them? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOGS?

I get that we need to know about Jon Snow’s true parentage, but please cave out a few minutes during the Game of Thrones finale to address this burning dog question.