27 questions “Game of Thrones” needs to answer in Season 8

Warning, the following post contains spoilers from Season 7 of Game of Thrones. If you aren’t totally caught up yet, you should probably temporarily move beyond the Wall and stay off the internet until the fuss dies down — if it ever dies down.

It has only been a few days since Game of Thrones aired its Season 7 finale but it’s honestly all I can think about. “The Dragon and The Wolf” was 79 minutes and 43 seconds of pure drama, tying up *loose* ends (see: Littlefinger), confirming long-standing theories, and setting up the final season to be (potentially) some of the craziest six episodes on television. Sure, Season 7 attempted to tie up some longstanding loose threads, but honestly, it left me with more questions than ever.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Game of Thrones lately (too much, if you ask some people), and while the initial finale hysteria is beginning to die down, I just can’t shake a few of these questions.


1. Did Tormund (and Beric) actually die or did they manage to narrowly avoid the part of the wall that fell?

2. Is Jon going to vomit and/or faint when he learns that he just had sex with his aunt?

3. Did Jaime leave Bronn behind at King’s Landing after dumping Cersei?

4. Where is Jaime actually heading?

5. Who is The Prince That Was Promised?

6. Is Theon going to sail back into the plot during the final season or just linger about in his own irrelevant subplot?

7. When was the crypt statue of Ned Stark built?

8. Where was Gendry during the finale? You bring him back after four seasons away, and don’t expect us to notice when you leave him out of an episode?


9. When is Melisandre going to return to die in Westeros, like Varys?

10. Is Varys actually being a sneaky shit, à la Littlefinger, or is he just mysterious?

11. Is Davos finally going to get credit for being the most sane person in Westeros?

12. Will Dany try to kill Jon when she learns about his true parentage?

13. Is anyone actually going to try and call him Aegon?


14. Is Jon going to believe it when his true parentage is revealed?

15. Will Dany’s relationship with Tyrion continue to fracture, until eventually they become enemies?

16. Is Jorah going to ever come to terms with being Lord Commander of the Friend Zone?

17. Will Cleganebowl actually be as hype as we’re hoping? Plz don’t screw this up for us, Game of Thrones. 

18. Is the Night King going to continue to lead the Army of the Dead at the pace of a turtle until the rest of the plot catches up?

19. Is Arya going to wear someone’s face in the final season?

20. Why did Game of Thrones go through all the effort to recast and establish Dickon Tarly only to kill him off unceremoniously and without really giving him much to do?


21. Are we finally going to see Sam wield his family sword (which he stole in Season 6 and it was literally never addressed again).

22. Are we ever going to see Ghost again?

23. Is Pod *actually* the improved fighter Brienne claims him to be?

24. Also, can Sansa end up with someone nice like Pod, who will probably never question her badassery?


25. Will Game of Thrones fans always call natural progressions of the plot “fan service”?

26. When all of this is over, is Westeros going to go back to business as usual?

27. And finally, this existential question courtesy of my cousin: Does fire *actually* beat ice?

I’m assuming more questions will come to me daily, since Game of Thrones speculation is my entire life. David and Dan, if you want to clear some of this up, give me a call. Otherwise, I’ll be speculating into 2019 (and beyond).

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