Super pumped about this BIG change to the “Game of Thrones” opening credits

Remember this awesome moment during “The Battle of the Bastards?”


And you stood up and cheered “THE NORTH REMEMBERS! THE NORTH REMEMBERS!” until your neighbors banged on the wall to keep the noise down but you just needed to shout as loud as you could about Jon Snow’s victory over Ramsay Bolton. The Starks once again have control over Winterfell, and it’s a good day for Northerners.


The Stark crest might once again be hanging on the walls of Winterfell now, but what about in the Game of Thrones opening credits? You know the credits reflect what’s happening on the show, and for the past two seasons the big, Bolton red X has been looming over the land.


Not any more.

The Game of Thrones season finale, “The Winds of Winter” once again showed the Stark insignia on top of the building. We haven’t seen it there since the end of Season 2. Now it’s back and more beautiful than ever.


Even though the rest of the episode was a a complete ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS this at least leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Until next season, Stark controlled Winterfell!

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