If this theory is true, and we hope it’s not, Jon might have to kill Dany

Warning, the following post contains a *lot* of spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, “Beyond The Wall.” If you haven’t seen it, you better head over to HBO faster than Gendry in a quick montage.

The penultimate episode of Season 7 was stressful for many reasons — the battle against the army of the dead, a Stark sister showdown, Viserion’s death, to name a few — but it also set in motion a potential reveal for Azor Ahai, and the tragedy that may come with it. During “Beyond The Wall,” our top two candidates for The Prince/Princess That Was Promised (Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen) had a moment that suggests they’re *definitely* falling in love, triggering the unfortunate part of the Azor Ahai prophecy.

That’s right, according to MoviePilot, one of them is Azor Ahai, the other is Nissa Nissa.


We all know by now that Azor Ahai is the legendary figure who used his flaming sword, Lightbringer, to defeat the darkness. But in order to harness the true powers of Lightbringer, Azor Ahai had to sacrifice his true love, his wife Nissa Nissa, by plunging the knife into her heart. Since Season 2, when the prophecy of Azor Ahai reborn was first introduced, we’ve been speculating who might be the great savior. But now it seems that with that reveal, the Nissa Nissa part of the legend may also come to fruition.

The last few minutes of “Beyond The Wall” — just before the (*sobs*) undead Viserion part — Jon and Dany had the most beautiful moment. Dany agreed to fight the army of the dead and Jon, who once again, survived the impossible, finally decided to bend the knee. It’s clear they’re falling for each other — because how many “allies” hold hands and stare longingly at each other just for fun?


During the exchange, it seems that something has changed, as the threat beyond the wall has become more of a reality than ever before. Now that the darkness is coming, Azor Ahai is going to have to finally reveal himself, and potentially at the cost of his or her Nissa Nissa.

It seems Game of Thrones might be heading down the route of Jon and Dany being Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa (or potentially vice versa). So while we’re so happy to see them falling in love, we can’t help but be nervous. With only one ominously titled episode of the season left, it seems we might be getting our answers faster than we might think.

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