These “Game of Thrones” actors feel really grossed out when they have to kiss

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey must be even better actors than we thought — even though their Games of Thrones characters seem super into it when they’re making out, Coster-Waldau and Headey are apparently not feeling it at all.

“We know each other so well now that it feels weird every time when we have to do a kissing scene,” Coster-Waldau told Red Bulletin. “So as soon as they yell cut we make faces of disgust, not seriously, but it does feel a bit wrong.”


A bit! As attractive as both actors are (and as much fun as they seem off-camera), this weirdness comes as little-to-no surprise since they’re playing brother and sister (as well as sort-of-secret co-parents) and, in a bid to stay in character, probably maintain a fairly brother-sisterly relationship in real life as well. (We personally like to imagine them giving each other noogies on set, but that’s just us.)

It’s hard to say how many more steamy make-out and sex scenes Coster-Waldau and Headey will have to face before the series ends (or until one or both of their characters bites the dust). We have a feeling they’ll want to console each other once Season 6 starts back up, and we all know their favorite way to cheer one another up…


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