Did Arya Stark just give away a major ‘Game of Thrones’ spoiler?

As far as Game of Thrones is concerned, call us Jon Snow — because when it comes to this show, we know nothing.

Okay, so maybe that might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s true that what we know about the new season is far outweighed by what we don’t know — like whether or not Jon Snow really IS alive, or if Arya Stark is going to be blind forever. Then again, thanks to one of the stars of the show, we’re kind of getting an answer to at least one of those questions! At least, that’s what it looks like.

Arya Stark herself (aka, Maisie Williams), has made it very clear that she’s just as broken up about last season’s finale as we are — but she’s also giving us little clues as to what state Arya will be in when the show returns at a date TBD. She and Game of Thrones co-star and IRL BFF Sophie Turner are definitely teasing us big-time with some Instagram snapshots!

In one photo captioned “aftermath of blind contacts,” Maisie’s rocking some under-eye masks that appear to be sorely needed! We know Arya was left blind at the end of last season, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon. We hope Maisie is also taking care of her own eyes too —those full-eye contacts are no joke.

Another video posted to Instagram shows Maisie in those same undereye masks cracking jokes with what sounds like her GoT fictional sis Sophie in the background. These two ladies are definitely finding ways to keep each other (and the rest of us) laughing even in the midst of filming what will likely be a super-dramatic and heavy season — and even though Arya and Sansa might be worlds apart from each other right now, we know we can turn to social media for a little relief.

[Featured image via HBO]

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