You definitely missed this tiny, bonkers detail during the latest “Game of Thrones”

For a show so BIG, it’s damn impressive whenever Game of Thrones manages to sneak a tiny little detail into all the action. It’s even more impressive when it takes the internet roughly like, six hours to find it hidden in the episode. There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode “Beyond the Wall.”

As you know, once again, Jon Snow has cheated death. Even though he made a terrible mistake leading his fellowship beyond the wall to capture a wight to bring back to Cersei (there are literally so many things wrong with this plan, Jon), he survives. Barely. First, he and his men are attacked and they have to fight off the White Walkers and Wights. Then, he’s left behind to die after the rest of his group is rescued by Dany (who swoops in at the last second to save the day). And then, Jon plunges into the icy cold water, barely managing to make it out alive.

But, he does. He opens his eyes once again. Know who else opens their eyes? Longclaw.

This is going to sound crazy, I AM WELL AWARE. But I kid you not, as soon as Jon climbs out of the water, Longclaw — the sword that once belonged to Jeor Mormont, and the one that Jon tried to hand back to Jorah, and just happens to be made of Valyrian steel — appears to come back to life itself.



As Reddit user miba54 points out, there’s no denying the color of Longclaw’s eyes definitely change. Remind you of any other scene?


But, this probably does not mean that Longclaw is alive and will start talking to Jon, just like the bird handle on Mary Poppins’ umbrella. As fellow Redditors were quick to explain, “the eyes are just a [piece] of crystal, you can see when his glove is particularly behind it only half the eye turns dark, the fills out when his hand is directly behind the handle.”

So…not as cool as a living sword, but still cool. It’s an amazing little moment Game of Thrones snuck into the episode, and here’s to the next one.