HBO has heard your “Game of Thrones” prayers and is granting us an extra long finale

**Spoilers ahead for Season 6**

Guys, there are only THREE MORE EPISODES left of Game of Thrones this season, and TBH, we’re kinda freaking out about it. Because we could obviously just watch the show foreeeverrrr. And some people have definitely been commenting about how short the episodes feel this season. false false

Let’s take a look at Episode 4, “Book of the Stranger,” for an example. HBO lists the running time as 68 minutes.


Unfortunately, this total running time takes into account “previously on” recaps and end credits. So, if you actually time from the first frame to the very last frame (of actual show footage), the episode itself boils down to 57 minutes and 11 seconds.


But, don’t worry guys. HBO has heard our prayers, because they just confirmed that the finale, will be a (very exciting) oversized 69 minutes long. This will officially make Episode 10, “The Winds of Winter” the longest Game of Thrones episode EVER.

We’re still waiting on official synopsis for the last two episodes, but we can only imagine what the penultimate Season 6 episode “Battle of the Bastards” will be about. The showrunners have already teased us saying that this season will have the biggest battle in the show’s history, so…

But WHO ACTUALLY knows, right? We can only theorize until Sunday, and the one after that, and the one after that one. But, at least now, we can rest happily knowing we’ll see more Thrones than ever!


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