Emilia Clarke caught Kit Harington pretending to be a dragon on the set of “Game of Thrones”

Warning, this post contains spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, as well as incredible behind-the-scenes Instagrams. If you aren’t caught up or have no heart, turn back now because adorableness is coming.

Season 7 has been incredible for many reasons — a crazy fast pace, tear-inducing reunions, and long awaited returns — but mostly because it saw Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow *actually* meet each other. Even better, it means two of the most beautiful Game of Thrones cast members, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, finally get to work together.

A few weeks ago, Emilia posted this amazing photo of she and Kit behind the scenes and we just about died:

But, it turns out it wasn’t even her best one. Last week, Jon Snow — who still doesn’t know he’s actually a secret Targaryen, because, plot — came face to face with Dany’s fiercest dragon, Drogon, and the two had a moment that actually took our breath away. While neither Jon, nor Dany, are quite aware of Jon’s parentage, it seems that Drogon doesn’t need a proper sit down to be informed as it appears he can smell the Targaryen in him. If that’s how Drogon reacts, we wonder what happens with Jon encounters Rhaegal, who was named for his biological dad Rhaegar (Dany’s big brother).

We thought we were stunned by the scene, but it turns out Kit was so moved by his Drogon encounter, he got a *little* carried away on-set:

He’s trying and it really shows. But honestly, even though this is a behind the scenes moment, it definitely makes us ship Jon and Dany even more.

Seriously though, Kit flapping his cape around, is almost too adorable for words.


Because we love this so much, we’re going to read into it a little bit. Kit’s pretending to be a dragon because, why not, but we’re hoping this means that Jon Snow will come to be one of the three dragon riders and get to *finally* ride a dragon soon!

But first, he must survive his death mission beyond The Wall.

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