We need to talk about the fact that Jon Snow is embarrassed to tell Dany he DIED on “Game of Thrones”

Once upon a time on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow died. It was really upsetting for many reasons, the big one being that it was JON SNOW. His death ended Season 5, and we had to wait for a year + two episodes of Season 6 to learn that he was only mostly-dead, not really dead.

Jon was brought back to life, then served ice cold justice to those who killed him (bye-bye, Olly!), and then was made King of the North. All’s well that ends well, amirite?

But here’s the thing: Jon Snow doesn’t want anyone to know that he died. Which like, okay, I get it. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about the fact that you once died, but on the other hand, that is badass AF. I have not died, but I did once have eye surgery, and literally I will tell that story to anyone who will listen. It is my own badge of courage.

If I was in Jon’s northern boots, my death would literally be my entire Twitter bio: ONCE DIED. Why don’t you want people to know you CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD, JON?

Specifically, Jon doesn’t want to let one person know he died: Dany. Sure, he doesn’t know that she has emerged from the flames, unscratched, a few times. But, come on Jon, she would probably be really impressed to know that this guy she’s currently crushin’ on was once dead.

Very few people know about Jon’s death, and it seems he’s determined to keep it that way. When first being introduced to Dany at Dragonstone, Ser Davos starts to explain that Jon once, “took a knife in the heart for his people,” before Jon cuts him off with this look: 


Later, when Jon and Dany are hanging out on the cliffs, she asks him about this. What did Davos mean, “knife in the heart,” hmmm?

Jon is like, “Ha ha ha figure of speech, ha ha ha, Davos gets carried away ha…” and then literally does this: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 


Dany knows there’s something Jon’s not telling her, and I’m uncomfortable for both of them in this situation. (And we haven’t even discussed the fact that they’re really aunt and nephew.)

Thinking back to other characters on the show, Sansa doesn’t even know that Jon died. That has never come up in conversation — and it’s not like it really would. Jon’s not the one to be like, “Oh, BTW, I died.” But Dany’s coming close to calling him out on it.

Also, how has word of this not spread? Sure, only Ed, Davos, and Melisandre were in the room when it happened (and only the latter two saw Jon actually come back to life), but clearly everyone else at Winterfell knows what happens. RIGHT? Aren’t they like…talking to other people? Hasn’t someone turned to Sansa and been like, “Wow, crazy times, your brother was stabbed a bit, but everything’s fine now!” How has Littlefinger NOT figured out a way to use Jon’s brief death to his advantage?

What’s Jon’s deal with keeping this so quiet? If he doesn’t tell Dany and everyone else soon, I will.

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