Somebody re-edited ‘Game of Thrones’ to make Joffrey the hero

Young Joffrey Baratheon appeared in 26 episodes of Game of Thrones, and sometimes, that felt like 26 episodes too many. Let’s admit that Joffrey was not our favorite. Even looking at Game of Thrones characters we love-to-hate, Joffrey doesn’t even have that “love” part. We just hated him, and with good reason.

Now, for something completely different, let’s try not to hate Joffrey for a few minutes, and think of him as the hero instead. I know, it’s going to be hard. But YouTube user BloodBlitz Comedy has edited together a three-minute trailer showing us a completely different Game of Thrones world where Joffrey wasn’t all smug, whiny, and ordering people to be beheaded.

According to BloodBlitz, it took him over 50 hours to edit this video together, and I must say, it does a pretty good job of casting Joffrey in a new light. If someone who has never seen Game of Thrones stumbles upon this, they’ll think, “oh look at that little kid just trying his best to rule King’s Landing!” The video also gives us a love story for Joffrey, showing both Sansa and Margaery trying to win him over. Margaery succeeds in the end, but spoiler alert, now she’s the bad guy and the one who poisons him!

In all, a pretty convincing story. But, it’s still a little bit hard to forget all that we know about Joffrey, even if, now, he is just a misunderstood young boy. Check out the Game of Thrones re-edit below.


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