“Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa and Will Ferrell are going to be playing father and son?

This should be good. According to VarietyJason Momoa is set to play Will Ferrell’s son in a show biz comedy being produced by Paramount. Momoa — aka Game of Thrones‘s Khal Drogo, aka Queen Lisa Bonet’s doting husband (!!) — took to Instagram to express his excitement over working with comedy-legend Will Ferrel.

We have a lot of questions about this project, starting with: Will Jason Momoa be dressed like an updated Khal Drogo like he usually is? Better yet, will Will Ferrell be dressed as if Khal Drogo walked into 2017, shark-tooth-necklace and all? We’d really love to see that, and we already knows he can pull off a beard!

It’s no wonder Jason Momoa is so excited to work with Will Ferrell,

In his Instagram, he made it very clear just how excited he is:

His caption, full of expletives, reads:

When u wake up Read this throw on some ice cube and start blasting " It was a good day". running around the house like home alone Living the fucking dream WILL FERRELL is a god to me. I'm so fucking happy.cccccccccccooooooooommmmmmmeeeeeedddddddyyyyyyyyyyy. FINALLY Sorry about all the fucks I'm just really fucking happy

Wow, that’s some Buddy the Elf-level excitement!

If Momoa’s BTS pics from filming Justice League are any indication of how much fun he is on set, we have a feeling that he and Ferrell will get along swimmingly.

He sure buddied up with costar Ben Affleck:

And he looks like BFFs with Jimmy Kimmel after just appearing on his show:

It’s so cute how he calls him “my Jimmy.”

We can’t wait for this movie to happen and for all of the Instagram pics that Jason Momoa will post with his god, Will Ferrell.

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