Someone officially switched sides on “Game of Thrones,” and the repercussions are going to be fierce

There are spoilers ahead for the season finale of Game of Thrones, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” If you haven’t watched the episode yet, honestly, just leave the internet now and come back after you’ve experienced all 79 minutes and 43 seconds of the last episode of the season.

If you were waiting for the breaking point between Cersei and Jaime Lannister, it finally happened. Sure, the two might be in love, and sure, she might be pregnant with his child because incest is all the rage in Westeros, but letting innocent people die so Cersei can flourish? And teaming up with Euron Greyjoy behind Jaime’s back? That’s a hard stop. After a few tense confrontations, Jaime made the ultimate decision — he walked away from his sister-lover-queen.


After negotiations at the dragon pit fall apart, it’s Tyrion who convinces Cersei to try and resume talks with Dany and Jon. She does, but she’s lying. Cersei has no plans to withhold her army from taking control of Westeros, and even though she says she’s going to send her men North, she’s not. Even worse, Cersei has been plotting with Euron for control — remember when he walked out of the meeting at the dragon pit, saying he was taking to the seas because the White Walkers can’t swim? LIES. He’s actually sailing to Essos. And as Cersei implies, once the war is won, Euron is going to marry her.

This is all news to Jaime, and this is the last straw. Also, hadn’t Cersei just said that the whole world would know he’s the father of the queen’s new baby? Jaime can’t believe what he’s hearing, and neither can we. He tries to walk away, but he’s stopped by The Mountain (and for a HOT SECOND I thought this was the end of the Kingslayer on Game of Thrones).

But no, Jaime will live to see another day, just not in King’s Landing. In his boldest move ever, Jaime leaves the city.


In a post-episode interview with Making Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau confirms that yes, Jaime’s done with Cersei.

"That was the moment [he realized he needed to leave]. She’s so cynical on a level that he doesn’t understand. You don’t give your word in front of the whole world [to Dany and Jon] and then just f**k ‘em. That’s too far. The fact is, yes there’s always been a lot of deceit, but Jaime is actually pretty straightforward when it comes to 'walking the walk' and all that. He’s thinking, You commit to something, and you’ve just seen this thing is real, what the hell…?' She takes it to a place that he can’t follow her to." "She seems more or less willing to kill him, and he finally realizes that whatever he feels for her, it doesn’t go both ways...That whole thing of 'We’re in this together,' well, we’re not quite in this together — because you’re not. We’re not playing the same game."

Seeing as how it starts snowing as soon as Jaime leaves the city, it looks like things are about to get ice cold for the sibling’s relationship. And also everyone else.

We don’t know where Jaime is headed, but it’s safe to assume he’s going North. Will he be the second Lannister to bend the knee to Dany? And even more importantly, is this move the beginning of the end for him?

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