This girl recreated the “Game of Thrones” intro as a gift for her boyfriend, and she deserves the Iron Throne

The only thing more epic than Game of Thrones itself is the show’s incredible intro. The heart-pounding music and ever-changing map of Westeros get you immediately ready for the action-packed fantasy world that follows.

Well, one girl decided to recreate the awesomeness of the GoT intro IRL.

And the result was so magical, it might even impress Melisandre.

YouTube user Em Pye recently uploaded the impressive video to her page. She explained that she originally made this as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend. But, luckily for all of us, she decided to share her creation with the rest of the world.

Using what looks like mostly jeans and styrofoam letters, she’s created quite a masterpiece. Part of what makes the Game of Thrones intro so dynamic is the mix of moving parts along with the consistent symbols we see and recognize from the show. Em Pye includes all of this. And she colors herself in full yellow while singing along inside the famous astrolabe, which makes it even more entertaining to watch.

She makes sure to denote that this is a recreation of the first season’s introduction.

Since, of course, subsequent seasons had different houses and places included in opening sequence.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time somebody has made a handmade recreation of the incredible Game of Thrones intro. Funny or Die did it a while back. And theirs was just as impressive. But also obviously made to get some laughs (which it definitely deserves).

While Funny or Die‘s version is quite hilarious, Em Pye’s is both entertaining and multi-dimensional. Plus, they both use marshmallows to create The Wall! How yummy is that?

Hopefully her BF appreciated this creative and hysterical gift. And now, we know what to make for all of our GoT-loving friends in the future.

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