“Game of Thrones” just gave us the saddest sound ever, and we can never unhear it

There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Game of Thrones, so if you haven’t seen “The Spoils of War” yet, best flee this place like the Lannister army trying to escape the Dothraki on horseback.

For the first time ever, we saw a dragon go into battle. “The Spoils of War” gave us an epic battle scene that was certainly a long time coming. Dany, frustrated that she seems to be losing the great game (and all her allies) decides now is the perfect time to attack the Lannisters — but not at King’s Landing. Instead, she finds Jaime and his army leaving Highgarden, after taking it from the Tyrells.

What follows next is the Loot Train Attack, and during it, we’re treated to absolutely the saddest sound in all of Westeros.

No, it’s not me (or you, probably) yelling at my television “BRONN, DON’T YOU DARE. DON’T YOU DARE SHOOT DROGON. NO NO, DON’T DO IT. STOP. HOW DARE YOU.” The saddest sound in the world is what happens after Bronn pierces Drogon’s wing with an arrow.

Know how you might accidentally step on your dog’s tail and your dog lets out the saddest, lowest, most heartbreaking whine because your dog is like, “How could you do this to me?” Multiply that by like, a million, and that’s the sound Drogon makes after he’s been hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTzClKcQE0Y?t=2m45s

It’s like a high-pitched screech, but it’s way worse, because this a dragon. Drogon moans as he tumbles and falls to the earth, and then the music kicks in, and why Game of Thrones, why? It’s okay to admit that you cried more at this scene than like, all the other deaths on Game of Thrones combined. Drogon is in so much pain, and even we can feel it.

Props to the Game of Thrones sound team for creating this gut-wrenching noise, but let’s never hear it again, okay?

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