This guy’s spot-on impressions of “Game of Thrones” characters are so good they’re scary

Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Hodor…what do these Game of Thrones characters have in common? No, not totally tragic backstories (actually…), but Welsh voice actor Scheiffer Bates.

Bates first garnered attention on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about a year ago doing a scarily accurate Jon Snow impression while reading a box of Frosted Flakes (or Frosties, in the UK). It was so good then, that it even impressed the King in the North himself, Kit Harington.

But now, Bates is back with a wider range of perfectly performed Thrones voices in this new video:

He starts things off with a very matter-of-fact Jon Snow.

Then gives a hilariously creepy Baelish.

Plus a very accurate and funny High Sparrow.

Bates is truly the many faced voiced god.

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