Over a million people watched a block of ice melt today, because “Game of Thrones”

Bet no one woke up Thursday morning and thought “Oh gee, today looks like a great day to sit for an hour and watch a block of ice melt — live!” But that’s exactly what many of us did. Game of Thrones melted a block of ice for over an hour, and we just sat around and watched the block of ice melt. You know, typical Thursday.

And why did Game of Thrones do this? WHY DID WE WATCH IT? The premiere date for Season 7 was hidden in the block of ice, so it needed to melt to reveal the date. Obviously.  This is our new favorite past time! (Our old favorite past time was patiently waiting for Season 7.)

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too much longer for new episodes, as Season 7 will drop on July 16th, 2017.

But getting to this big premiere date reveal? Oh Drogon. Over a million people (and at this point, probably more) tuned into the live stream and literally all that happened was a block of ice was melted with fire — get it? ICE? FIRE? A Song of Ice and Fire? Jon Snow and Dany??


Anyhoo. It was just your regular, typical Thursday.



Seriously, this was agonizing, but also A+ work to whoever thought this up. Give them a raise, HBO. false


And then there were the jokes.


Somehow, La La Land got dragged into this.


Also, the video crashed not once but TWICE, and then the ice would literally not melt fast enough and Twitter kinda started losing it. false


Eventually, the flames cut through the fire (…foreshadowing?) and the premiere date was revealed and everyone went back to work. Now, forevermore, we can all ask one another, “So where were you when Game of Thrones melted that block of ice?”

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