This “Game of Thrones” theory knows what the High Sparrow told Tommen — and it’s shocking AF

Game of Thrones spoilers. Repeat, GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS.

Last Sunday’s episode, “Book of the Stranger” featured a whole slew of OMG moments, from the (currently only) happy Stark Reunion, to Dany setting everything up in flames, literally. Those two things bookend the show, so what about everything in between? Like, what exactly did the High Sparrow tell King Tommen?

Tommen isn’t really supposed to be meeting with the High Sparrow, but he has anyway, because he’s all like “YOLO.” These two have had a few conversations, and during one of them, High Sparrow tells Tommen ~something~. What does he tell him? IDK. That hasn’t been made clear yet, but whatever it is, even though he’s not supposed to, Tommen turns around and tells Cersei about it. We see that happen during “Book of the Stranger” and whatever it is, it lights a fire under Cersei.

What’s this High Sparrow secret?


According to one Reddit user, the secret is both simple and heart wrenching for Cersei (but not so much for us, LOL). It’s possible that the High Sparrow told Tommen that the Tyrells were the ones behind Joffrey’s murder. That little detail has been a BIG SECRET in King’s Landing, and it’s very possible that Loras — Margaery’s brother — accidentally confessed it during his time in prison.

“It’s my belief that the High Sparrow told Tommen about the Tyrells’ involvement in Joffrey’s murder,” WriteOnSC explains on Reddit. “Judging by the tears in his eyes when he’s about to tell Cersei, it seemed to be the worst possible news.”

The evidence to back this up is in the episode. Immediately after Tommen confesses ~something~ to Cersei, she marches in to meet with the Tyrells, namely everyone’s favorite sassy grandma, Olenna, and Margaery’s dad, Mace. Their conversation is oddly civil, with Cersei suggesting that the Tyrrel’s bring their army to King’s Landing so Margaery DOESN’T have to make the Walk of Shame. Weird, huh, since you’d think this is EXACTLY what Cersei would want.

Well, it might be a part of a much bigger scheme. If she really did just learn that the Tyrells were behind Joffrey’s death, she’d want all of them dead as well. That might be what she’s doing.


“The [Tyrell army] picking a fight with the Seven will create unrest among its followers/citizens of King’s Landing,” WriteOnSC continues. “This creates a war between two of Cersei’s least favorite factions: the citizens of King’s Landing who treated her like garbage during her walk of atonement, and the family responsible for her son’s murder.”

“The Lannister army is now in perfect position to finish off the Tyrells and enact revenge for their fallen king. The dissolution of the Seven and the deaths of Loras, Margaery, Lady Olenna, and the High Sparrow would be the sprinkles on top of Cersei’s revenge sundae.”

And as you know, the best way to finish off your enemies is to lure them into a trap, like politely inviting their army into your city and then killing everyone!!

This plan could also backfire majorly, if the Tyrells are prepared to fight whatever comes their way. But, if they’re caught off guard, completely unsuspecting, Cersei might get her own version of a happy ending (with lots of death).

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