Surprise, HBO just debuted a post-season “Game of Thrones” series

Wow, it hasn’t even been 24-hours yet, and already Game of Thrones is dropping MORE THINGS ON US. But honestly, we’ll take it. Who knows when Season 8 will come back, and as far as we can tell, the wait will be long, dark, and full of no-spoilers from here until….whenever Jon Snow sails back into our lives on the S.S. #SexBoat.

Since the folks at HBO are nice people, and know that we’re going through a lot of emotions right now, they’ve decided to bring us more Thrones. In a brand new, seven-part series, The Game Revealed, they’re going to show us behind-the-scenes moments from the making of the past season, along with cast interviews, and in this case, Ed Sheeran.

Fun fact: Ed Sheeran assumed he would die at the hands of Arya.

This installment, simply Part 1, only dives into the first episode of the series, “Dragonstone.” In it, we see just how the great, majestic hall at Dragonstone came to be (fun fact: It was shot at multiple locations), and that Sam’s *wasteful* montage was shot over the course of three days. Poor, Sam. We also see a breakdown of just how Arya is able to transform into her many faces, along with what it’s like to become a walking, undead zombie.

The first episode is now up, and is *free* on Facebook and YouTube. As for the other six episodes, those will only be available to those with an HBO subscription, and new episodes will drop on Mondays. So while it’s not a full hour-long episode, at least we still have something from Game of Thrones to look forward to Monday morning.

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