This “Game of Thrones” hair tutorial will give you the Dragon Queen braids of your dreams

We all want to be Daenerys Targaryen, right? She frees slaves and hangs out with dragons and commands an army.

Basically, Daenerys don’t play.

She’s a badass. And while it may be kinda tough for us regular people to emulate her lifestyle (we’re still working on hatching our dragons), one way we can channel Daenerys Targaryen without getting arrested for exotic animal hoarding? Her hair.

Because the Dragon Queen has some badass braids.


We always thought Game of Thrones hairstyles were way too complicated to do without the assistance of a team of experts, but then we found this amazing hair tutorial on YouTube and changed our minds.

Check it out:

Is it a bit more complex than the messy top knot we do most days? Sure, but it’s not impossible.

Whether you’re wanting to recreate Daenerys’s look for your day-to-day life (can you imagine how awesome it would be to roll into work with DRAGON QUEEN BRAIDS) or you’re getting an early start on your Game of Thrones Halloween costume, give it a try. We know we’re going to.

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