You will literally never believe which “Game of Thrones” heartthrob George R.R. Martin looked like back in the day

There are some mystical elements to Game of Thrones. Like people coming back to life and those dragons. And let’s not forget time travel. If you’re skeptical about the possibility of the latter, you have to check out this photo of George R.R. Martin when he was younger.

Because, young Martin looks exactly like a Game of Thrones actor.

We all love a good throwback photo, and are always down to see some adorable pics of our faves. Luckily, a new one of Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin just popped up — who we all know has a very recognizable and distinct look. And since we’re currently in the height of Game of Thrones excitement, this photo is especially awesome.

Are you ready to find out about this striking Game of Thrones resemblance?! Here we go…



It’s amazing how similar young George looks to Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington. Jon Snow is a very important character to George. He’s even admitted to the fact that Game of Thrones has always been about Jon and Dany. So is it because he *is* actually Jon Snow? Okay, that’s just speculation, but the resemblance remains striking.

George has also shared other throwback photos (like the below!) in which he looks decidedly less like Harington, but is clearly still a very cool dude.

One thing is missing, though: a hat. We’ve gotten so used to it, George. But maybe it’s nice to know his style has developed over time. Especially if he actually is a time traveler.

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