Big news, we know *exactly* where Gendry is on “Game of Thrones”

Characters on Game of Thrones love to disappear for seasons at a time, completely slipping away from the action escalating in Westeros. Heck, sometimes they even straight up DIE for a short time being, and then come back like “Hey what did I miss?” Between all the characters we’ve seen come, and go, and then disappear again, one is still majorly AWOL: Gendry.

OH GENDRY. We miss him so much. Last we saw Robert’s ~secret~ bastard, he was bidding adieu to Ser Davos, and then rowed away in his boat for parts unknown. This was Season 3. Now with the end of Season 6 and Season 7 somewhere off on the horizon, we’re starting to get worried. Where the heck is Gendry?


Well, stop your worrying. We know exactly where Gendry is right now, because the showrunners told us.

Talking to the UFC Unfiltered Podcast, Dan Weiss and David Benioff had this tongue-in-cheek exchange about our favorite blacksmith:

Okay okay, it’s not really a confirmed location, but at least they don’t state that he’s somehow DIED — which was a big worry, since Gendry admitted that 1) he doesn’t know how to swim and 2) he’s never traveled anywhere by rowboat before.

If he’s still rowing, that means we can narrow down his location to the following general location: water!


He’s still out there. ~Somewhere~. Row row row your boat, Gendry down the stream…

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