These new “Game of Thrones” pictures show us that at least one beautiful couple is still going strong in Season 7

Ned and Catelyn. Jon Snow and Ygritte. Dany and Khal Drogo. Dany and Daario. Brienne and Tormund. There are so many couples to love on Game of Thrones, but when it comes to our favorite on-screen pairing, the answer is simple: Out of everyone, we love Sam’s budding romance with BOOKS the best.

Yes, our favorite smarty pants has moved into the Citadel in Oldtown, and judging from some brand new Game of Thrones images, he and these BOOKS are still going strong in Season 7. Remember how much joy you experienced vicariously through Sam as soon as he walked into the library at the Citadel, and looked around like he was Belle being given Beast’s library for the first time? That was Sam, and the joy spread through all of us.


But, it looks like these books might be a little overwhelming for Sam at first. If you were suddenly given free reign to read everything, you’d probably freak out and load up on too many books right away as well. Been there, done that, Sam.


At least it appears he has company in the Citadel, because Gilly’s got her own books as well. And don’t you dare suggest that Gilly’s the third wheel in this relationship between Sam + the books. She’s learning to read, more than likely via help from Sam. The couple that holes up in library together, stays together.



However, while we’re treated to a look at Sam and Gilly, there is no sign of Little Sam. He’s more than likely hanging out somewhere inside, even thought it was made clear that when this threesome showed up, only one of them was welcome. A library isn’t a place for a girl and a baby — but if there’s anyone to prove the Maesters wrong, it’s Gilly and Sam.

Can’t wait to see what this adorable little family has been up to when Game of Thrones kicks off in roughly three weeks.