This “Game of Thrones” fashion line can serve as your season finale mourning attire

We know that you’re probably mourning the Game of Thrones finale. We get it. After such a crazy season, it’s hard to have it end. I mean, what are we to do until next season? Cry more, knowing that after that the show’s officially over? Well, that’s one thing to do. Another is to wear your heart on your sleeve — literally. Thanks to HBO’s “Rep The Realm” collaborations, you can wear Game of Thrones-inspired clothing to really emote your feels.

The latest collaboration is with Los Angeles-based 40s & Shorties, which mixes streetwear sensibilities with classic GoT motifs for their collection.


Rep The Realm collaborated with seven streetwear designers for their own take on the GoT aesthetic.

This is the sixth collaboration for the series, with a collection that features a pocket scarf, a short-sleeved button-up, and a fanny pack. Each piece is done in dark, royal blue with white graphics that feature a map of the realm and other Game of Thrones elements on them.


In a press release, 40s & Shorties says,

"As a fan of the show, it's easy to find inspiration from such a crazy series like Game of Thrones, said Adem Niazi, Co-Founder and Designer of 40s & Shorties. “The complexity of the storylines paired with the quality of writing makes it easy to pull ideas for a collaboration. So, when we were approached by HBO to put together some special product, we immediately thought of a capsule that worked for us, the show, and the season."


The only downside? These items aren’t for sale, but they can be won from the designer’s social media channels. You can also follow #RepTheRealm for details. Here’s to luck and honor.

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