“Game of Thrones” may have just killed off a major character, and we’re going to need a minute

There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Game of Thrones, “The Spoils of War.” If you haven’t seen it yet, best flee this page like the Lannister army running for cover. Or boot it up on HBO Go right this instant, your choice.

The long-running HBO series has never shied away from killing major characters. This is the show that once killed off Jon Snow, remember. So it should come as no surprise that episode four of Season 7  went there, ending on the worst cliffhanger since that time Jon Snow died.

We should have known going into the Lannisters vs. Dothraki battle that not everyone would make it out alive. While leaving Highgarden with all the Tyrell riches, Jaime and Co. are attacked by land (Dany’s Dothraki army) AND BY SKY (Dany and Drogon). It’s a mad, chaotic scene, and oh, so this is the scene the Game of Thrones showrunners were talking about when they said they set a bunch of people on fire!

For all we know, new-face Dickon is dead (and that’s a shame, we were just starting to get to know him!). Bronn might be dead, and that’s his own fault because he tried to kill Drogon the Dragon. It seems like Drogon has been spared for the time being (though he did take a nasty arrow to his wing), and that’s Bronn’s fault. It’s Jaime’s fault for rushing at Dany and an angry, fire-breathing dragon, so you know what, maybe he had it coming.

Jaime, who makes it clear that he can’t fight nor operate the dragon killing machine with one arm, spends most of the battle watching it unfold in horror. It’s only after everything starts winding down that he decides to head into the mêlée himself, and he does so at the wrong moment. Thinking he’s getting a drop on Dany, once she starts tending to an injured Drogon, he rushes at her on horseback, spear at the ready.

But Jaime, can you NOT see the dragon?


Just before Drogon can light him on fire, someone (Bronn, right?) jumps at him, and the two plunge into the water, narrowly missing the flames. And that’s where we see Jaime sink deeper and deeper into the water, not moving, not trying to get to the surface, and definitely not breathing. His eyes appear to be wide open, and that is not a good sign. That’s the sign of someone DROWNING.


This is, of course, where the episode ends, and we’re left wondering if Jaime is going to live to see another day. Certainly Game of Thrones wouldn’t kill Jaime off like that, would they? It’s so anti-climatic. AND SOMEONE HAS TO TELL CERSEI THAT IT WAS LADY OLENNA THAT KILLED JOFFREY! That someone is Jaime, so we’re hoping for the best.

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