The new season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has one thing in common with ‘Downton Abbey’

At first blush, there aren’t a lot of similarities between the ultra-violent Game of Thrones and the ultra-proper Downton Abbey, unless you put raised eyebrows and acid turns of phrase in the same category as the Red Wedding.

But, the worlds of Westeros and the Crawley family are getting closer, thanks to this reported casting news.

James Faulkner, the actor who played the stern Lord Sinderby on Downton, has been cast as Samwell Tarley’s equally stern father, Randyll Tarley, in Game of Thronesaccording to fan site Watchers on the Wall.

Sam’s dad is supposed to be one of the best warriors in Westeros, but takes his brutal battle attitude back on his family.

Samantha Spiro, who has been in a handful of British shows like Coupling, is reportedly joining the cast as Sam’s more kind-hearted mother, while relative newcomer Rebecca Benson will reportedly play Sam’s sister.

HBO didn’t confirm any of these castings, so they very well could change, but still – it’s always great seeing familiar faces in some of our favorite shows. But James not the first Downton character to jump ship for Thrones. Most famously, Rose Leslie, the plucky maid-turned-secretary left the cavernous halls of Downton Abbey for the cold, brutal life north of The Wall.

Maddeningly, there are still no concrete confirmations about the fate of that no-nothing Jon Snow and whether or not he is truly dead. Until then, the producers of the HBO show are continuing to toy with our emotions.

Is it April yet?


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