What really happens when you invite a ‘Game of Thrones’ character to dinner

While it might sound like a good idea to bring Jon Snow as your date to a dinner party, maybe it’s not the best idea after all. This is something Seth Meyers learned the hard way when he invited Jon over for dinner. Even though it’s a beautiful spring day in New York City, John feels the need to remind everyone that, “winter is coming.” Way to kill the mood, dude.

With Game of Thrones premiering this Sunday on HBO (mark your calendars) Kit Harrington stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers for a little chat. That led into a taped bit involving Jon hanging out at a dinner with some of Seth’s friends, and he’s such a Winterfell buzzkill. Everyone tires to make polite conversation, but when Jon is asked if he has any siblings, he’s quick to remind everyone that his brother was stabbed to death at his own wedding. Oh, you had to bring that up again.

As for where Seth and Jon first crossed paths, Seth is quick to bring up they met at a cross-fit class, because Seth wants to look good for TV. As for Jon, he’s doing the intense workout so he’s in tip-top shape to fight wildlings. Makes sense. Also, Jon is really bad at charades.

Check out the whole video below, and let’s hope Jon cheers up a little for GoT‘s fifth season.

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