I’ve stopped crying long enough to tell you about who just died on “Game of Thrones”

All long, cold walks beyond The Wall must come to an end, and we had to say goodbye to one of our cherished favorites during the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 7. Obviously there are spoilers ahead, considering I just told you in the headline of this story that someone DIES during “Beyond the Wall.” Once again, there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched “Beyond the Wall,” you can conveniently do so right now with a valid HBO subscription.

This is your last chance to go back. And for those sticking with me, this is the perfect time to go grab some tissues.

And now, since you’re well aware we’re not allowed to have nice things in Westeros, we had to bid a horribly tragic adieu to a beloved character, and no, I’m not okay, and neither is anyone else. I thought we had an understanding, Game of Thrones, and it’s that we keep the dragons SAFE.

Jon Snow, on a horribly ill-conceived mission to go beyond the wall, immediately finds himself in over his head. Like, he has taken on more than his small band of men can manage, and before you know it, they are being attacked by (polar) bears and White Walkers. The — for lack of a better expression — red shirts with this group are immediately picked off, as is Thoros of Myr. He’s attacked by one of the bears, and sadly does not survive the night.


Jon “I’ve made a huge mistake” Snow realizes that he’s not going to win, so he sends Gendry back to Eastwatch, to send a raven to Dany, so Dany can come and save them. She does. She brings her dragons with her because, as we know, fire fights ice. Dany is quickly able to destroy much of the White Walker army, but the Night King has other plans. As soon as Dany has everyone loaded up onto Drogon (cool!), the Night King launches his spear into the air…and it hits Viserion.

And then we hear the worst sound Game of Thrones can give us, as Viserion falls to the earth, bloody and covered in snow, and falls into the freezing water.


As  you can imagine, Dany is utterly distraught, and vows to help Jon kill the Night King because he killed one of her children. However, little does Dany know that in the closing moments of the episode, the White Walkers pull Viserion from the water and then, well:


Huh. That is the opposite of good. Oh, also Uncle Benjen probably dies, but listen, Viserion is now an UNDEAD DRAGON and Westros is about to have a huge, fire-breathing-ice problem on its hands. Now if only I could stop crying over it.