I just learned how old Jon and Dany are during “Game of Thrones,” and now I feel like I’m underachieving at life

It all started with a simple question. HG’s Social Media Producer, Anna, slacked me, “Hey, isn’t Jon older than Dany?” and I was like, uh, I think she’s older? But honestly, I didn’t know off the top of my head. I just remember reading at some point, somewhere, that in world of Westeros, Dany is slightly older than Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.

So, I did what I do a lot, which is Google it. I quickly confirmed that yes, Dany is slightly older than Jon — which all makes sense, she is his aunt after all! But then I looked a little bit closer at the Game of Thrones Wikipedia page and saw the numbers there. According to this page — which I will assume is true, no, I have never read the books — Jon was born in 282 AL (AL = Aegon’s Landing) and Dany was born in 281 AL.

It is currently the year 304 AL on Game of Thrones. Do the math, and this means that Jon Snow is 22 years old. Dany is probably 23ish.


I knew they were young, but I didn’t realize they were fresh-out-of-college young. I didn’t realize they were legal to drink, but not legal to rent a car age. 22/23ish is VERY YOUNG TO BE FIGHTING FOR CONTROL OF WESTEROS. Honestly, I thought they were like, late 20s. Maybe, 27-29ish. Not 22!

Know what I was doing at age 22? Waiting in stupid-long lines to meet Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Meanwhile, at age 22 Jon had already died and come back to life to become King of the North.


At age 22, I was leading a guided tour around Magic Kingdom for children 3-12 years old, and it was a scavenger hunt, and for part of the tour I literally had to play FOLLOW THE LEADER and I just remember one of the prompts was a penguin, and I had to pretend to waddle through Tomorrowland. Meanwhile, at age 22, Dany is a GD Queen literally sitting on a throne.


Here’s me and my partner in crime at age 22! And then Dany and Jon, partners in crime at age 22, and also in luv. (Clearly I was working at Disney in my early 20s. I was not like, leading people into battle against the White Walkers and/or flying on the back of a dragon. I was just…directing guests toward the nearest restroom.)


I suddenly feel like I have done nothing with my life, because I have never seized control of an army and/or led a rebellion. I haven’t gotten anyone to bend the knee to me, but I do have a whole lot of Mickey stickers, if that counts for anything?

Probably not. This is like that time I learned Rey is only *19 years old* during the events of Force Awakens. I suddenly feel like…I need to go strap on some armor and fight an undead zombie, you know? Ugh, if my mom is reading this right now, I’m so sorry I’ve let you down. I could have been doing so much more at age 22, rather than just watching the 3 o’clock parade every day.

Cheers to all the 22 year olds out there who have also been named the ruler of their family’s land. As for everyone who is not 22 and just like, binging and re-binging Game of Thrones, wow, better luck next time in your 20s.