Here’s who will be at the “Game of Thrones” Comic-Con panel, and we have SO many questions

Game of Thrones is coming to Comic-Con.  It’s the biggest show on the planet right now, so obviously it’s going to make its way to San Diego for the annual convention of all things geeky, nerdy, and awesome.

The Game of Thrones panel is scheduled to take place on Friday, July 22nd at 2:15 p.m. PST, so clear your schedule because you’re going to want to be glued to Twitter while it’s going on (that is, unless you’ll be one of the few lucky thousand in H Hall). HBO has announced the line up for the panel, and it includes showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss along with the director of both “The Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter,” Michael Sapochnik.

They’ll also be cast members in attendance, specifically, these ones:


That’s cool and all, and we love all of them, buuuuuuttttttttt, 3 out of these 8 won’t be returning to Westeros next season:



Well, obviously that these three standout cast members — Iwan Rheon, Faye Marsay, and Kristian Nairn — are getting one last go at a huge con, before their characters go to the great Game of Thrones graveyard in the sky. And, obviously, there’s going to be a lot of discussion about the Sansa/Ramsy story, and also the Bran/Hodor on this panel, naturally.

However Ms. Maisie Williams is SUSPICIOUSLY absent, and we need her at Comic-Con to once again face off with Waif. Also just because Maisie Williams is awesome, and you know she’ll rock some killer looks at CC.

We also can’t help but feel majorly bummed that this year’s panel will be lacking some major Dany, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, and JON SNOW action. They’ve all attended the convention before, and we’re going to seriously miss them this year.

Like, look at how much fun everyone had in 2015! Also pause to wonder why Gwendoline Christie can’t come back (let alone be invited to everything in life).


2014 was also a great time. It was the last time the Lord Commander showed his face in San Diego. Same with Jaimie! (Also, [wipes away tear] Oberyn.)


2013 was a PARTY, because Peter Dinklage was in the house.


2012 featured not only Emilia Clarke but also — hold your hearts — Michelle Fairle!!


And then 2011 featured Game of Thrones biggest fan himself, Jason Momoa.


The moral of this story: all 35,000 Game of Thrones cast members, both living and dead, need to start showing up to Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel every single year.

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