‘Game of Thrones’ fans are split once again, now over a college course

If you’ve ever registered for college classes, you know it can be a scary and terrifying life-or-death situation, kinda like trying to fight off some white walkers! Now, thanks to one university, choosing college classes won’t be just like Game of Thrones, but actually about Game of Thrones, and its ever-expanding fantasy world. The University of British Columbia, is offering a brand new GoT-themed class next semester, but to register you’ve got to meet one very specific prerequisite.

The University of British Columbia is rolling out a class called “Our Modern Medieval: The Song of Ice and Fire as contemporary Medievalism.” Sign us up, and let’s show up to class every day dressed like Dany. But, there’s one small catch. The syllabus clearly states that you have to have read every single book in the Song of Ice and Fire saga before the course begins. This class isn’t for fans of the show who are really good at using the ASOIAF wiki. So, there goes half the student body.

“The course will involve the reading of the five books (thus far) of the series, and the watching of the five season of the HBO series. Please make sure you’ve read these BEFORE the course begins, as it will problematic to try to catch up if you have not done so.”

Yes, it will be problematic to catch up because those books are BIG, and this is one of the few times watching the TV show won’t actually make up for not doing the reading. Besides, fans of the books can always sniff out when you slip up on your Game of Thrones facts (spoken from experience). But the syllabus also notes that you must have watched every episode of Game of Thrones, too. Binge-reading and binge-watching? Sounds like easy homework to me.

Next semester is still a ways away, so plan to catch up soon, because this class sounds awesome. The syllabus details the topics the class will cover, like “Women; Politics; Monsters; Disability; Nature; History; Chivalry; Objects; Place; Religion; Sexuality; Race,” and 20% of your grade will be analyzing one episode of Game of Thrones (the rest is 20% presentation, 60% research essay, FYI). It will be taught by associate professor Robert Rouse and, more than likely, space is limited. So start reading, the spring semester is coming.

(Image via HBO.)

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