This new “Game of Thrones” clip shows a very dead Jon Snow

With Game of Thrones slated to start on April 24, fans are hungrier than ever to learn more about the new season and the fate of the beloved Jon Snow.

On Thursday night’s Conan, Game of Thrones cast member Liam Cunningham stopped by the set to discuss the upcoming season and share an exclusive clip, which shows Jon Snow looking particularly lifeless.

A quick recap for those of you who’ve forgotten (or perhaps just tried to black out the memory): Jon Snow was caught in a trap set by the Night’s Watch brothers, who lined up to stab him one by one, culminating with a final stab by Oily, before he’s left bleeding on the snow.

The video shows Cunningham’s character Ser Davos defending Jon’s body from the members of the Night Watch. Davos is aided by Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, who shockingly was not present to help protect him from his attackers.

On Conan, Cunningham also acknowledged that Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin told him a secret about the plot that no one else knows. Conan tried to coax it out of him, but Cunningham remained tight-lipped. When Conan asked if he told him who will be on the Iron Throne, all he responds with is: “He could have.”

“This was a couple years ago, it was the first time I met him and I was kind of awestruck,” Cunningham told Conan. “I was in L.A. when I met him and the first thing he said was ‘I’ve got something to tell you’ and he leaned in and he told me this secret and said ‘Don’t tell anybody.’ So I’m not telling anybody.”

Ominous. 15 days and counting.

You can watch the full clip here:

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