According to the books, your favorite “Game of Thrones” supporting characters would look a lot different

We’re all very familiar with what the citizens of Seven Kingdoms look like in Game of Thrones, right? Well, it turns out many of them look PRETTY different in the books. In the past, we’ve seen what a lot of the main characters would look like (Tyrion = no nose, Dany = purple eyes and no hair), but what about our favorite supporting characters?

Melisandre would have red eyes.


From A Clash of Kings, “Her hair was not the orange or strawberry color of common red-haired men, but a deep burnished copper that shone in the light of the torches. Even her eyes were red…but her skin was smooth and white, unblemished, pale as cream.”

Brienne would have awful teeth, serious freckles, and a busted nose.


From A Clash of Kings, “Brienne’s eyes were large and very blue […] her teeth prominent and crooked, her mouth too wide, her lips so plump they seemed swollen. A thousand freckles speckled her cheeks and brow, and her nose had been broken more than once.

Ramsay would have wider features, blotchy skin, and colorless eyes.


From A Dance with Dragons, “His skin was pink and blotchy, his nose broad […]His lips were wide and meaty, but the thing men noticed first about him were his eyes […] his eyes were all but colorless, like two chips of dirty ice.

Jaqen would have half white and half red hair.


From A Clash of Kings, “He was the youngest of the three, slender, fine-featured, always smiling. His hair was red on one side and white on the other, all matted and filthy from cage and travel.”

Tormund would have a beautiful white beard.


From A Sword of Storms, “Hot grease was running down his chin and into his snow-white beard, but he smiled happily all the same.”

Yara would have short black hair (and her name would be Asha).


From A Clash of Kings, “Ironborn, he knew at a glance; lean and longlegged, with black hair cut short, wind-chafed skin, strong sure hands, a dirk at her belt.”

Ser Davos would have brown hair and eyes.


From A Clash of Kings, “Davos was a slight man […] A well-worn green cloak, stained by salt and spray and faded from the sun, draped his thin shoulders, over brown doublet and breeches that matched brown eyes and hair, and a beard peppered with gray.“

Finally, Littlefinger would have a little pointed beard.


From A Game of Thrones, “Petyr had been a small boy, and he had grown into a small man […] He had a little pointed chin beard now, and threads of silver in his dark hair, though he was still shy of thirty.

And now you know!


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