We need to have a discussion about the crazy sexual tension in the “Game of Thrones” season premiere between Euron and Cersei

This post contains some serious spoilers from the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, “Dragonstone.” So if you haven’t see it yet, you might want to avoid this post like Greyscale. Moving on…

It’s safe to say that the Game of Thrones season premiere set us up for a loaded season. Dany and her many allies have reached Dragonstone, Jon and his crew are preparing for war to the North AND South, Sam is about to make some *major* breakthroughs at the Citadel, and Arya’s working on her kill list.

All of this is ridiculously important, but we’re here to talk about something else: the crazy sexual tension between Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister.

*Jaime’s not amused.

While Cersei may be sitting comfortably on the Iron Throne, as Jaime rightfully points out, the Lannisters need allies if they’re going to win the war. Unfortunately for Jaime, those allies might include Euron Greyjoy. We first met Euron last season when he returned to the Iron Islands to usurp the throne from his brother Balon. Now, he’s making moves to ally with the Lannisters — and that includes a potential marriage to Cersei.

During a visit to Cersei’s court, Euron — rocking a fresh cut and new, pirate look — goes toe to toe with Jaime for Cersei’s affections and we have to say, we think she’s about it.

Sure, Cersei’s devoted to her brother/lover, but he seems to be doubting her ability to rule and it would be *very* unlike Cersei to not take the opportunity to teach him a lesson.

Presenting his case in front of the Queen, Euron not only suggests that the Lannisters and the Iron Islands team up — and note, Euron’s “treasonous” family members are currently allied with Daenerys — he also makes a different proposal to Cersei.

That proposal being…MARRIAGE.

*Euron, using his knowledge of Cersei and Jaime’s “special” twincest bond to provoke his former foe.

Case in point: Jaime’s face at the “two good hands” jab:

While Cersei rejects his proposal, rightfully calling Euron untrustworthy, Euron promises he’ll return with a gift for his Queen, meaning we haven’t seen the end of this deranged love triangle. Cersei and Euron are much too toxic to make it through winter, but we have a feeling he’s going to be a very useful pawn for the Queen — that is, if Jaime doesn’t kill him first.

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see what this bizarre trio have in store in the coming weeks on Game of Thrones.

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