“Game of Thrones'” Bronn says his mailman won’t speak to him after the attack on Drogon, and we get it

Game of Thrones is a battle between families — and sometimes even leaves family members on opposite sides (*cough* Tyrion). So we totally understand how the most recent dragon battle could pit people against one another IRL. In just one example, the actor who plays Bronn says his mailman is very upset about the whole Drogon thing. And as huge fans of Game of Thrones, we totally get it.



In the Game of Thrones, Season 7 episode “The Spoils of War,” we got to see Drogon attack the Lannister loot train as the Lannister forces made their way back to King’s Landing. It was a stunning and amazing scene (this behind-the-scenes video tells you how they pulled it off), which culminated in Bronn (played by Jerome Flynn) shooting Drogon down with a huge arrow shot out of a cannon-type contraption. Understandably, all of us dragon-lovers were immediately angry with him. And apparently so was someone close to Flynn.

Flynn recently told HBO’s Making Game of Thrones about reactions to the episode, and that scene in particular:

"I was surprised when I was watching it. I spent weeks on that sequence, but I was on the edge of my seat, the adrenaline was running — they really nailed it. Although since the day the battle aired, I’ve been a little unpopular, I have to say. My postman won’t speak to me because I shot the dragon."

Well, yeah! You can’t just shoot a dragon and think we’ll be okay with it. Luckily, it appears like Drogon will be fine, but in Game of Thrones, one really never knows what’s going to happen next. For the mailman’s sake, we certainly hope Drogon is okay.

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